Hire Skilled, Talented and Dedicated Remote Staff
in the Philippines

Large database of professionals to choose from

Cost effective business operation

Suits well in businesses of any size

Hiring an offshore or remote staff is one of the best things to consider nowadays
to help your business operations and manage well profit leverage.

Offshore, remote staff or outsourcing is a low cost, low maintenance and
rewarding options for any size of businesses.

Team’s Goal is to help you establish your own business operations in the
Philippines with most talented and professional remote staff.

remote staf philippines

What We Do

We are one of the leading outsourcing company that provides talented and
skilled remote staff.

OUR TEAM can provide less expensive offshore staff that
has equal talent, skills and deliverables with your locally based staff.
We engage you with a large pool of loyal, detailed oriented, english-speaking and
highly skilled candidates in the philippines.

OUR TEAM provides high calibre
remote staff, that has a great work value and competent technical or non
technical skills.

We work together througout the process of recruitment, introductions, day to day
report and necessary tasks for your remote staff. They will work for you full time
depends on clients’ needs and requirements.



We gather, specify and list your requirements or YOU simply provide us the Job Description.

  • We get started by introducing our full service and your business.
  • You specify and orient us with the requirements or Provide us the Job description so we can give you the most appropriate offshore staff
  • We determine the timeline and budget for the requirements


OUR TEAM will start to look and source for talented candidates then we proceed to RECRUITMENT process.

  • We sort out all potential candidates (we evaluate their profiles and conduct initial interview)
  • We endorse these candidates to you (client) then proceed to necessery stages (interview and taking exam if you would require)
  • You select and hire the best endorsed candidate


Your REMOTE STAFF will now work for you full time and reports to you on a daily basis.

  • You now determine the start date of your hired candidate and things needed for work.
  • You sign client contract/Remote staff contract with us.
  • We now proceed to invoicing (will happen monthly).
  • We prepare your remote staff for on boarding date (signing of Job Offer).
  • Our TEAM will now manage his/her day to day report.
  • We ensure that your remote staff will work efficiently daily.
  • We manage their attendance and provide admin support.


JOB TITLE PRICE (AUD hourly rate) PRICE (USD hourly rate)
Junior Developer $9 $7
Mid Developer $16 $12
Senior Developer $27 $20
Tech Lead / Consultant $31 $23
QA Tester $13 $10
Project Manager / PO $18 $13
Web / Graphic Designer $13 $10
Technical Assistant $9 $7
Customer Service / Support $9 $7
SEO / SEM $18 $13
Data Analyst / Research $9 $7
Technical Support $9 $7
Telemarketer $9 $7
Accountant $13 $10
Network Engineer $18 $13
HR / Recruitment $11 $8
Call Center Agent $9 $7

NOTE: Pricing stated above is only a guide. Price per employee be based on certain qualities and salary requisites.