How to Keep Your A-Player Remote Workers

Employee turnover is one of the biggest issues most companies are facing nowadays. If you want to retain your A-Player remote workers, make sure that you supply them with their needs to perform their best and support them with the best way you can. A-Players are defined as the most productive, most fit for the job,
the work rockstars and the best-of-the-best. Remote staff Philippines let you save on labor cost but always gives you highly qualified people. When you land great employees, make sure to retain them. Some employee reasons for quitting their job is because they can barely stand their boss and the environment at work. For remote workers especially, they can’t stand the policies, the wages and the nature of work itself.

So how can you keep them?

Right Compensation

Money matters, if you your remote staff is highly capable for the job position, then he or she must be paid right. So make sure you get the compensation right, if not, it will be too late to offer a raise when they’re already outside your door. Before they change their mind, always think about giving a raise to those who stand out and consistently perform their best.

Plan a Career Path

We know that a career path is important for everyone. Promotion is one of the best ways to retain the a-players in your company. There may be a slight different approach since remote workers are offshore, yet, another alternative option for a career growth is to encourage your employees growth through leadership development. Allow them to practice workforce strategies and case studies to achieve company goals. Think about having a virtual training program that you can offer to all your staff. Also try creating an outline of promotional activities that is still within the boundaries of reality to also help your employees achieve it.

Keep Their Ego’s Check

Tendencies of having a-players are their too much confidence, independence and unhealthy ego. Do not let their egos take the lead. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, it can be a disaster. A group of a-players is a problem sometimes because some may refuse others opinion and some may work with superiority. Kill that monster ego and build a positive company culture that focuses on equality and a good group that encourages teamwork and collaboration. Also do virtual communication regularly to bring up issues and resolved them as early as possible.

Secure and Maintain Remote Access

Employers are expected to maintain security standards to their remote staff. In telecommuting, company must provide a marketing resource that also controls the message and images that are being shown to the general public. Produce a series of free resources and grant them a secure access to help improve the ability of each employee to perform efficiently. Remote access technology also helps in allowing workers to connect and build closer relationships with co-workers. This will also make them feel alive and more human because of the friendship that can be built since they’re communicating with real virtual co-employees.

Talented people will always ensure the company’s growth and success. So nurture them and make sure to take even more careful handling. It may take a lot of consideration and understanding at first, but in the end you will be surrounded by the best a-players that will serve as your edge and strength against other companies.

By: Tayme Canencia