Home-based job? Here are tips for being motivated at work


Things get mixed up sometimes when you work at home. You tend to balance the pressure of work life versus the time that you spend with your family. But having a balanced life is not always as easy as it looks. It takes time and a lot of adjustments to achieve it. Due to unexpected load of work and deliverables, you tend to spend more time working at home without even noticing it, or maybe it’s the other way around.  When you already feel isolated and bored with your home-based job, here are the tips to always keep your energy high. Follow these tips for you to be more inspired, motivated and productive while working at home.

Look For A Designated Office Space

Avoid working in bed for this will make you feel very comfortable that can end up into sleeping/napping. You may still feel productive at first but a bed will always be a bed, it’s everyone’s comforting area to rest and sleep. No matter how much you try to be awake, it’s impossible not to lay down and close those eyes even just for a while. This will surely decrease your level of productivity and feel demotivated. So stay away from your bed and look for a designated working space where you can concentrate and stay awake.

Keep In Touch With Your Team

If you have a team, constantly communicate with them through messenger chats and conference calls. Stay connected and build a happy working environment wherever you go. Sharing thoughts and creating ideas with your colleagues are also essential ways to build connection. Two heads are always better than one. Through online brain storming and chatting, you might end up creating a good project or if you have any questions, maybe they can also help. Build friendship by having small talks that could also be work related or other things your team may also interested in. This will help you avoid the feeling of isolation and depression for working alone. Having good friends at work is one of the best ways to keep a person always motivated.

Make A To-Do List

Take note of the things that you need to do and finish it as soon as possible. Do not skip any step on your list unless really necessary. Put a check mark on everything that has been done for that day already then work on the rest the next day once you’re ready. This will help you monitor your productivity by simply comparing the finished and unfinished tasks on a daily basis. Seeing all your tasks with check marks will help you satisfy not just your client, but also yourself.

Leave Home For A While

If working literally at home is not getting you to the bottom of it, then get out from your house and look for a place where you can be more productive and motivated to work. Focus is very important and if you can’t stay focus at home then it’ll be more difficult for you to do the things that needs to be done. Step out for a while, carry your laptop with you and go somewhere quiet outside where you can finish the tasks assigned to you. Do not lose hope in finishing all of it, do something and fight distractions by simply appreciating the beauty outside. Stare fondly at the green plants outside, this will make you feel relaxed and at ease. In case of pressure, just breathe, meditate and find a perfect spot where you can think well and do well.

Exercise Regularly

Keep those adrenaline pumping by having regular exercises. There are lots of effective daily exercises that you can find online or on youtube which you can follow that can help you improve your muscles and will surely help you stay up. The daily exercises are also being practiced by some schools in the Philippines and it really helped students stay awake while attending classes. Its goal is not only to improve the physical appearance but also the mental ability of each students. Warm it up by doing quick daily exercises for this can help you boost your energy, help you think well and stay awake all day.

One of the best benefits from working at home is recognizing your work style. You can be the best that you can be by creating your own strategies and not relying from anyone else. When you’ve already figured out when and how you work best, then it’ll be easier for you to balance your own life. Embrace it and don’t force it. You will never achieve greatness if you were never passionate about it. If you think home-based job is best for you, trust your gut and aim for the goal.

By: Tayme Canencia