How to avoid distractions while working home-based


Avoiding distractions while working at home is tough. You need to master the ability to stay focus in order to perform the task assigned to you. It is important to remove all the unnecessary and have a decent working environment so you can be more productive in a day. Always make sure that all your tools are handy and ready. It may be too difficult to work on your own especially when no one is monitoring you, but setting your goals and doing those task as soon as possible can help you finish all the work. Make time and set a schedule so you can prepare yourself once you’re about to start. Practice a routine so that things can be worked on smoothly and easily. If you’re still having trouble, here are 3 important things that you might wanna consider in avoiding home-based distractions.

1. Temporarily Block Social Media

I’m not saying to remove all your social media accounts, but having self control is very important in finishing all your work. Home-based jobs will require you to be online most of the time because that’s how you deal with your clients, but you also need to remove your phone if necessary on your working table so you will not be tempted in checking unnecessary websites or apps. This will help you focus on your task rather than chatting with your friends or viewing other peoples profile. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the top social media applications that can easily distract workers, reasons why these apps are being blocked by several office companies nowadays. But since you’re working at home, you must have a sense of responsibility in blocking these sites temporarily on your own. By simply keeping your phone away from your desk or turning it off might help you be more productive in finishing all your assigned task in a day.

2. Avoid Being Interrupted

When you work at home, it is always best to have your own office where you can focus on your work. But in case you don’t have a space for that, your room will always be the best alternative option. If you’re currently living with someone or any members of the family, it’s important to talk to them and have a clear agreement that you must not be disturbed once you enter your room. We are all bound for errors once we are distracted. Even a 2.8 second interruption can already distract us and may trigger errors according to the study published in Journal of Experimental Psychology. No wonder that focus is so hard to achieve when you’re interrupted. When you’re still not comfortable working in your room at that moment, try to look for other places outside like a library or a coffee shop. These are more likely best places to start your task because of the quiet and cozy environment they can provide that are all best suitable for working.

3. Do Not Delay Your Work

Remove your inner-child habit and stop procrastinating. This is a behavior that we all have since we were younger and sometimes we still cannot remove it as a habit. When we procrastinate, we delay the things that we need to do by putting off work for the mean time just to feel good. We tend to relax and have fun because that’s how life should be. We have this notion that our motivational state has to match the task provided to us. Somehow true, but why don’t we try reversing this cycle by finishing all the work first today and then have fun later. This will help you avoid rushing through the deadline and so you’ll have more time in checking your work for any possible errors before submission.

The quickest way to break a bad habit is to realize the purpose of your work. Remember that you need a job and you agreed to the terms of your client. Stay focus! Some people are best focused at night and some are early in the morning. It is very important to identify when and where are your best time to focus and then allot all your toughest task at that moment, whether you’re at home or some place outside that you may find comfortable working.

By: Tayme Canencia