About us

A former colleagues which specialized in creating websites, software development, business automation and skills on sales and marketing.

They decided to put up their own business to help small and medium companies to grow their business.

Sea Codings was born after a great deal of preparation after the directors saw the need for a professional, easy to understand, client driven development company capable of providing solutions for clients across various platforms such as local computer, web & mobile devices.


Sea Codings mission is to help grow our client’s business success through engaging them to talented, loyal and skilled offshore staff in the Philippines. We source, appoint, evaluate and endorse profiles to our clients to suit their requirements. Demonstrating good performance and values means we achieve operational excellence and satisfied clients.


Our vision is to accommodate all clients with businesses of any size, That unleash the potential of having successful business operation in the phillipines.

To create benefits for both client and remote staff. We offer cost effective for our clients by hiring offshore staff in the Philippines, and with our staff we let them collaborate with our international clients, so they learn more and strengthen skills.

Our principle: “From Computer language to Customer language”

We understand that the reason our customers want a website is to be able to communicate their business effectively to their customers that is why, we, at invento make sure that we translate that language of computer to the language of the customer. We do this through making effective designs and layout where customers will easily see what you want to communicate to them.

We will still be here tomorrow, don’t worry

Don’t worry our dear customers. We understand that some of you may have been left hanging by an unprofessional developers or worrying that we are just the same. We are not. We have done websites successfully and you may view them in this link


See our thoughts about your business

Sea Codings services are made especially to bring Small and medium enterprises closer to their customers. It took years of careful study to understand the needs of different SMEs. We have kept in mind your need to market your business that is why we make sure that we provide you the best design to easily attract your customers. Operations wise, our site’s layout are easy to manoeuvre to make sure you get your message across to your customers…