5 Tools for Tracking Your Remote Staff’s Efficiency

Employers serious concern for having remote staff are about how they work and what they’re doing during hours of work. If you want to monitor the productivity of your remote staff, we advise you to come up with a web based work activity logs and computer application usage tracking tools that can help you know if your remote workers are on task. So what are the tools and application would you need to track your home-based employees?

Here are the 5 tracking tools to help you manage your remote staff and their efficiency.

1. 15Five

15Five tells you what they accomplished, where they’re struggling, how they’re feeling and more. You can get visibility into the things that matter most. Whether your team is in the next room or spread across the world, you’ll always be in the loop. Using 15Five’s powerful question management, you can direct everyone’s attention to the high priority topics each week. Employees can simply and quickly @mention a colleague and share why that person earned their praise over the past week. Boost morale and spot hidden rockstars in your organization with the High Fives Dashboard. 15Five for iPhone is available for download at the App Store. (source www.15five.com).

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a remote worker time tracking and project management application designed to take the difficulties out of managing contractors, staff and projects that are completed online. Hubstaff tracks time spent on projects and monitors remote employees with innovative features like optional randomized screenshots and activity levels. The concept is designed to bring virtual managers closer to the projects and contractors they are overseeing, and the software makes it easier to produce progress reports, payslips and renumeration documents. Hubstaff is lightweight, quick to install, and can integrate with your existing project management software in a few clicks. (source www.hubstaff.com).

3. Expensify

Expensify intelligent automation handle your expenses in real time. It is an online tool and mobile app that greatly simplifies tracking expenses and creating and submitting expense reports. By automating tedious expense reporting tasks, Expensify cuts out the noise and pinpoints the exact next steps that keep you moving forward. Some of its features include Automatic Reporting & Submitting, Automatic Approval, Automatic Reimbursement and Automatic Accounting Sync. (source www.expensify.com).

4. Intuit Payroll

Intuit Payroll helps you pay your employees quickly and easily. Its features include: Creating unlimited paychecks instantly; Calculating payroll taxes automatically; Avoiding tax penalties, guaranteed; Works with or without QuickBooks. It can be useful for individuals, for small businesses and accountants. It also offers fraud protection that will help your business secure checks and supplies. Know more about their products when you visit their website. (source www.intuitmarket.intuit.com).

5. FlexiServer

FlexiServer tracks staff hours and computer activity making tracking hours, vacation time and sick leave easier for employees and HR alike. It also has computer usage monitoring for quality control, security or legal compliance.
Their features include: Tracking staff check in times and working hours; Knowing what your staff is working on; Creating a flexible working environment; Viewing of reports for each employee. This will also help you monitor virtual employee hours from a remote location for quality assurance monitoring and reporting. (source www.nchsoftware.com).

Improve your way of business and know exactly what task your staff is working on. Remote staff Philippines are known to be efficient and productive, so by using these productivity softwares in Philippine outsourcing, you will be more at ease in giving tasks to your remote staff as you rely on them. Trust your remote workers but it’s always an intelligent move to still monitor your people while taking care of your business at the same time.

By: Tayme Canencia