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Software & App Development

Dashboard & Self-Service Web Portal

Web Design and Development

Integration (Software & Systems)

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Graphic Design & Branding


A complete PROVIDER of Software, Web Development and Remote Staffing Services. We are a team comprised of experienced developers and reliable designers whose aim is to provide you with solutions that enable your business to thrive.

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Sea Codings offer a full range of service from conceptualizing, planning, analyzing, designing, testing, implementation and maintenance.

Team’s utmost goal is to provide service and product to our client’s need.

Software &
App Development

Are you in need of innovative and comfortable way in processing transaction for your business?

Dashboard & Self-Service Web Portal

Want to develop a self-service online customer portal or perhaps a dashboard for management, sales or production?

Web Design and Development

OUR TEAM can create user friendly interface and greatly easy to navigate website.

Integration (Software & Systems)

Save time & money, streamline data sharing between your systems/software & eliminate double entry by your staff.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Create new opportunities & implement new strategies from your data with Sea Codings business intelligence & reporting.

Graphic Design & Branding

If you are looking for simple looking or eye-catching logo, branding and designs. Sea Codings has the best talent and experience in creating it just for you.


We’re the best. Sea Codings can help you improve your business and with more than a decade of experience developing competitive and informative websites which will definitely help you market your products and improve your sales. Sea Codings can automate your business process and together we can start, build & grow your business.

Clear Advice – Clear advice in a language you understand, not technical jargon.

Competitive Pricing – Industry competitive pricing giving you excellent value for money.

Tailored Quoting – Flexible estimation process catering for projects & budgets of varying sizes.

Experience – Years of experience creating solutions for small, medium & large multinationals alike.

Device Agnostic – Skills to build solutions for web, desktop, tablet & mobile.

Support – Service level guarantees & multiple support packages available.

Partnerships – We partner with some of the leading providers, Microsoft, Telerik and more.

Quality Services – A proven history of quality services, check out our testimonials.

Client Focused – Responsive client driven development, putting you in the driver’s seat.

Payment Plans – Payment plans are available to help you with your cash flow.

Discounts – Discounted development rates available for large quantum’s of work.

One Stop Shop – One place to go for graphic design, website’s, software development & integration.

Functionality Focused – Clear focus on providing easy to use solutions that don’t just that look pretty.

Cross Language – Our developers are fluent in multiple development languages.

Proven Process – A proven process developed over many years to get the best results.

Government Accredited – Partnership with SEC accredited.

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A former colleagues which specialized in creating websites, software development, business automation and skills on sales and marketing.

They decided to put up their own business to help small and medium companies to grow their business.

Sea Codings was born after a great deal of preparation after the directors saw the need for a professional, easy to understand, client driven development company capable of providing solutions for clients across various platforms such as local computer, web & mobile devices.


Sea Codings mission is to help grow our client’s business success through engaging them to talented, loyal and skilled offshore staff in the phillipines. We source, appoint, evaluate and endorse profiles to our clients to suit their requirements. Demonstrating good performance and values means we achieve operational excellence and satisfied clients.


Our vision is to accommodate all clients with businesses of any size, That unleash the potential of having successful business operation in the phillipines.

To create benefits for both client and remote staff. We offer cost effective for our clients by hiring offshore staff in the Philippines, and with our staff we let them collaborate with our international clients, so they learn more and strengthen skills.


Sea Codings partners with some of the largest technology companies with the likes of Amazon Web Service, Telerik and Microsoft.


Sea Codings have invested in creating a proven development process to ensure your project is delivered to your satisfaction. Our client focused approach that uses design first methodologies ensures you are in the driver’s seat with regular updates and times to provide feedback.

  • Planning

  • Analysis

  • Design and development

  • Testing

  • Implementation and


Sea Codings can provide software development and web development services in person and remotely through our robust cloud based infrastructure. So not matter your location why not get in touch for your next project.

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